Friday, February 20, 2009

A move to Michigan

When you leave a place that has as much love, compassion and genuinity as Milwaukee it's hard not to be a little nostalgic about "how the Milwaukee times were." However, time always has a way like Green Day would say grabbing you by the wrist and directing you where to go.

I suppose that's how I ended up in Michigan, Elizabeth has been living in Detroit since August and being so far apart was becoming taxing on our relationship. Neither of us did well with long distance and because of the economics of things, one of us had to give in. Being a bicycle messenger, although probably being the most fun job that I will ever have was appealing, not being near my fiance' was not.

So hear I am, I packed up my things and in a matter of 2 weeks my stuff was jammed packed into my brothers small pickup truck. Elizabeth and I had found a house in a little town called South Lyon, MI, it's about 10-15 miles north of Ann Arbor where the University of Michigan is located. Our house is super awesome! Our landlord gave us the opportunity to paint the inside of the house in whatever colors that we wanted. Elizabeth and I both have a little different tastes so the living and dining room I painted in a classical opaque white while my office was triumphantly painting "slime" green!

Since then, I've been looking for a job in Michigan. Not an easy thing to do I suppose in a state that has the highest unemployment rates in the country. I've applied to everything, from telemarketers, to grocery stores, to bicycle shops, to non profit work. Each day I pray that I will get some sort of response from the other end. Looking for jobs I didn't think was supposed to be a one way form of communication!

Anyway, someday soon I hope that I will be able to find something. Although I don't really know what the purpose is now, I believe in faith and I believe that God sent me to Michigan for some purpose that I haven't quite yet discovered. I suppose that it will reveal itself soon or at least that is my hope because being unemployed is no fun!

We've got a little cat now though, her name is Marley, she's a little black kitten that was found my a shelter almost frozen to death in the cold Michigan winter. She's the most interactive little cat that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, as I write she sits perched in front of the computer screen wondering why the cursor is moving at the pace that it is and why it coordinates with the buzzing sounds of fingers dashing on the keyboard. At night she'll often nuzzle up to me in bed to try and stay warm she's such a good little kitty.

Anyway, hopefully I will find some meaning in this move to Michigan soon, if you could, please keep me in your prayers that I am able to find a job here and do something really fun and productive that allows me to be apart of the creation of a better world.

Peace Always,